Huawei Together 2020

After the US trade issue, the setback in their smartphone business and some level of distrust built towards the brand, they focussed their strategy onto the non-handset products and launched the concept of Huawei interconnected devices to maximise performance and enjoyment.

The “Together 2020” campaign was designed to create brand advocates, bringing in special promotion Smart Life packages for the Christmas and NY 2020 season. Each package has been created, having in mind different types of clients and necessities, from business to consumer, featuring specific sets of Huawei devices for best performance (one smartphone bundled together with earbuds, laptops, smartwatches, fitness bands, routers, tablets…) . What they call, “Better, Together“.

The campaign was purely social but we also worked a few outdoor examples in strategic locations across different countries. We created 3 high end visuals to inspire customers around the world find the perfect gift for them and their loved ones.