After my last posts about 3D and 4D printing, I came up with the need to research about all kind of new emerging technologies related with the idea of enhancing our life in some way or another. And, what was my surprise, there is a entire social movement and philosophy about the creative and ethical use of technology to better the human condition. This is what they call Transhumanism.

Cryonics, augmented reality, gene therapy, life extension, space colonization, cybernetics, autonomous self-replicating robots, molecular manufacturing aka 3D-printing, mind uploading, artificial intelligence, virtual reality, are all technologies that, I believe, ethically implemented, are going to change our society, as we know it today, for the better.

Communication, design, advertising, marketing, as integrated fields of our culture, are going to be influenced, altered and transformed as part of it's natural adaptative process and evolution. This will provide new exciting opportunities for advertisers like me, products and marketers, reconfiguring the way and the place where we shop and work, opening new markets and creating new products categories.

Molecular manufacturing / 3D and 4D printing

Products as we know them today will change, but not only the product itself, but the manufacturing process. Already explained in my last article, only remark that not only the new shapes and new materials will arise with this technology, but customization and the manufacturing chain breakage will come as a ‘fabber’ machine could be in your basement or spare bedroom. This will transform advertising for fixed products, as any customer will be capable to customize and print them without limitations.

See this outstanding video about a new 3D printed material with the added capability of embedded transformation from one shape to another, directly off the print-bed. This revolutionary technique offers a streamlined path from idea to reality with full functionality built directly into the materials. Imagine robotics-like behavior without the reliance on complex electro-mechanical devices!

In a collaboration between Stratasys’ Education, R&D departments and MIT’s Self-Assembly Lab, a new process is being developed, coined 4D Printing, which demonstrates a radical shift in rapid-prototyping.

Space exploration

Considering how the space race and the first man in the moon landing influenced the culture in the last century, the recent Red Bull Stratos achievement is another example of the possibilities for advertisers that come from this tech breakthroughs. See the last update from the energy drink brand of the Felix Baumgartner jump from his point of view. I just can’t close my mouth from astonishment. By the time I am writing this article, more than 2 million visits in a couple of days. Nothing more to say…

Augmented reality and telepresence

Although the possibility of working wherever we spot is now more and more frequent, telepresence and physical robots that can replace human tasks are not that common, but getting closer. As a clear example of augmented human we have the Google Glasses , a good attempt at a wearable computing device that is also practical.

Augmenting human memory, biology and reality, amplifying intelligence, making the invisible visible, saving lifes in some cases, will come along with new forms of location–aware advertising, using the content of the scene viewed to tailor ads, display related promotions and offers or blurring or blocking billboards of the competitor when the wearer look them through the glasses. Here is another example of its possibilities.

Quantum Archeology and inmortality

Each time we share a thought, a mood, a photo, a relation, an emotion, as a status update, we are converting a biological function into a digital one. We are digitizing our analog stream-of-consciousness to the so-called cloud (Facebook, instagram, blogs,) learning algorithms used in Quantum Archeology (QA) processes could pretty much re-construct the mind of the “average” person. Then, when combined with predictive AI, could make that mind grow, and someday, soon, we’ll bring up a Digital Resurrection of ourselves. In a few words, QA is the deliberate mining of data from the past, to recreate persons, places, and things, and relationships.

I know, all of this sound like science fiction, but many of us we are transhuman in some way or another. An example of what before were just ideas, many of them are already a reality. With a responsible approach and implementation of these insights, and the necessary exposition of it’s goals and benefits to the society, this social movement will succeed. Whatever happens, I'm excited and looking forward to live to tell the tale.