Since its beginnings, the Internet has evolved at a breakneck pace. Now, almost without us realising it, it allows us to do things that would seem unimaginable years ago.

Transport us in an instant, all the way across the globe. Create music, live and collaboratively with someone thousands of miles away. Work together with a robot so that it reflects our actions. These are just some of the many possibilities that this apparently easy tool offers.

But, are we really aware of the complexities that exist behind the scenes? And, just as we use only a tiny part of our thinking power at any one time – are we missing out on its real potential?..

It’s these sparks that ignite the pioneering concept of Google and Google Web Lab.

A series of experiments that bring to life the intangible world of internet and show us how what once seemed impossible is now possible. Definitely a curious, interesting, fun and thoroughly recommended experience for a rainy Sunday afternoon. At the Science Museum in London