Advertising in the automobile sector has long been privileged in creative resources. It seems to be a territory which opens itself to creativity. And therefore, I find occasionally ads that really attract attention and I can watch over and over again. Here is an example that is currently hitting hard in the media (more than 4 million visits).

Honda Illusions, An Impossible Made Possible

When I saw it some weeks ago I knew I would write about it. It made me think and recap on all the spots that have used the same creative resource to convey beauty and flexibility through surrealism in the world of illusions. Here is another example that encourages us to change the perception of the new hybrid technology:

Lexus CT 200 Hybrid Commercial: "Challenge" Perception

The interesting fact is that we dont just perceibe the world as it is, our brain is actually interpretating what we perceibe and making assumptions about what we are seeing. This game related with mathematics and geometry becomes very impressive and attractive when is animated, so we can reveal the trick instantly for the surprise of the viewer.

But we shouldn't forget that the idea behind the visual, has to reinforce the core benefit, and the success of the ad will rely on this. Being specific is mandatory if we want to engage and communicate. In the next example, the visual illusion, in my opinion, is just there for aesthetics purposes.

Audi Illusions

Continuing with perception we have another recent example of a car advert based on the Gestalt psycology and playing with the figure blending in it's background as a call to action to differentiate yourself.

Opel Mokka "Don't Blend In" TVC

It seems to me that this visual resource is pretty hackneyed, and there is too many publications using the same visual appeal. But I am afraid that, because of its great beauty and surrealism, we'll continue meeting up ads based in this world of imagination and illusions.