Hello, my name is Pepo, originally born in Madrid, Spain, where I started my career in the early years of the millennium, and currently established and freelancing in London, UK.

Professionally considered an all-round creative designer, I always come up with strong ideas to communicate a message, define an identity, build a brand, create an strategically effective campaign across any channel, from print advertising to digital, mobile or social.

Pepolopez™ Studio was born from the firm belief in the importance of bespoke design solutions . Sometimes working with small business helping them to raise their voice in the right tone. Sometimes working for big agencies in multi-national campaigns.

I shared my expertise and skills in communication with brands ranging from technology to lifestyle products and services. To mention some of them: Basketball England, SanDisk, Guinness, DeWalt, McLaren, Nestle, Seat, Repsol, O2, Knauf, Coke, Sony…

One thing for sure is that I am very passionate of what I do and, relying on my intuition, experience, and holistic approach, I go the “extra mile” and come back with a tailor-made solution to the project in hand. With this in mind I hope that you enjoy going through my work and that we have the opportunity of working together in the near future.

I look forward hearing from you.

Pepo Lopez

Visual Journey

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